Eating for Life…

Learning to Make Choices that Delight Your Taste Buds While Improving Your Health, Animal Welfare and the Environment

Come on a journey with us...
Our in-house nutritionist, Lisa Bouley will draw upon her background in meditation, hypnosis and psychology to guide students in looking at their past and present relationship to food

Learn why we eat what we eat!

Make positive changes!

Involve all your senses  as you bring mindfulness and conscious awareness to your dining experiences!

Increase your knowledge of the benefits of a vegan diet to our bodies, the Earth and its other inhabitants

Discover which foods can help decrease inflammation and increase overall body health and resistance to disease

Learn ingredients more likely to trigger overeating and less ideal food choices!

A variety of small plates and samples will be offered courtesy of  our Chef, Bob

The price for this class is $25

Space is limited to 10 students per class. Assure your spot by signing up now!

Classes taught by Lisa Bouley MS.  

Lisa received her Master's of Science degree in nutrition over 20 years ago and brings with her a wealth of holistic as well as traditional scientific knowledge.  

Having studied in the early 1990s with Ann Wigmore, she's aware of the healing power of  raw and living food and having lived for more than half her life following a vegan diet, she is familiar with nutritional needs throughout the life cycle and the importance of a diet based on nutritionally dense produce and whole foods.  

Wednesday May 30th 7:00-8:00 PM


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